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Nanjing Tangtang Chemicals Co.,ltd is a high-tech company mainly engaged in researching and developing Pharmaceutical Intermediates and fine chemicals. Till the end of 2008, we have set a head office and a R&D base in Nanjing, and a manufacturies in Jinhu.
Human resources and technical cooperation
We have established long term relationship with some Well-known research institute such as Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,Nanjing Chemical Research Institute,Southeast University and Zhejiang University. Along with some of the experts and doctors we have established a integrated innovation system of production, teaching and scientific research. A work team composed by 120 professional, experienced and creative staff ensure our product R & D capability. So far, we have achieved technological superiority on the organic synthesis field, especially on chlorination, bromination,esterification, formatting reaction。
Main products and production capacity
Our present main products and annual production capacity are as follows: Tetrahydrofuran  2200mt, 2-methyltetrahydrofuran 700mt, acetonitrile 1000mt, isopropylether 2000mt, Veratryl ether 1200mt, Veratrum aldehyde 500mt, Veratryl ketone 500mt, M-Dichlorobenzene 1500, Tetrahydropyrrole 100mt, 6 - chlorine -1 – hexanol 200mt, 1 - bromo--5 – chloropentane 800mt, 1,3 – dibromopropane 100mt.
customers and cooperators
We have established stable and long-term cooperative relations with several large domestic pharmaceutical manufactures and tradeing companies. And some of our products have been successfully exported to United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia market. we are looking forward to extensive and stable cooperative relationships with more manufactures and trading companies. Also, our R&D base accept low-volume orders that from 1 kilogram to dozens of kilograms as customer’s requirment.
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